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I always wonder about cathedrals  – The womb like quality of the architecture, the stained glass, the light at the end of a tunnel, the waiting for redemption. We all have within us a somatic and primal memory of our births and the difficulties and pleasures we experienced in the process of being born. Is it that we are filled with wonder in the womb, or is it that we need to return there time and time again to heal and/or recreate old trauma?

The answer lies within us and to find out more we need to reflect and be helped to “feel” and /or “see” our births..to be aware of the feelings we hold in our bodies and give a name to the unspeakable whether joy or suffering that may be experienced during birth as well as the sublime ecstasy, the love hormones we are infused with during a loving birth. Babies born with ecstasy have an imprint of loving feelings right at the beginning of their lives and this lays a foundation for trusting the world  around them.
We need to create a space where women and their partners are aided in their efforts to plan for and achieve an ecstatic birth. Men and women need to remember and heal their own births, their relationships with parents, siblings, each other. ‘Parents to be’ can immerse themselves in art and culture experiences that evoke the highest response of feeling and appreciation. Happy times shared with loving people while you are carrying a baby in the womb infuses both mother and baby with loving and positive feelings.
Babies born with feelings of ecstasy and love have the greatest start in life that is possible and will carry this imprint with them throughout their lives.
So the answer to the question is this – that we carry the potential to co-create together with each other a human  life, a person connected to the universe who will inherit the world we have left behind. We deserve that our children be more equipped than we to create a loving, peaceful and co-operative future on earth. They deserve that our legacy on our precious globe “Earth” is in balance, green and able to sustain life fully without harm. This is our spiritual task – to envision a peaceful and harmonious future on earth!

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