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Talking about Nappies

Lisa and Tadiwa use cloth nappies
The other day a client visited the clinic with her newborn and her two year old and left a soiled disposable nappy in the bathroom bin. Well, I have to confess that by the end of the morning, the whole apartment reeked of Poo and it wasn’t the sweet smell of breastmilk poo either. This incident has irked my ire – why would ANYONE use disposable nappies? Yes, I understand that they are convenient, you wrap them up after use and throw them in the bin, the lorry and then the landfill. Out of sight, out of mind. Once in the landfill though, thousands of packaged poos pile up, unable to decompose because they are wrapped in undegradable plastic. Soon we’ll be living next to huge mounds of baby poo, in fact in South Africa, this is precisely the case. Ageing poo grows bacteria, which affects water supplies and contaminates playing children. Plastic-wrapped ageing poo stinks. Never mind what the chemicals in the super absorbent cottonwoll does to baby’s bottoms. The same chemicals were used in women’s tampons until the toxic shock syndrome showed it to be dangerous. A years supply of disposable nappies for one baby will deplete your savings of R18-R25000, which, in my budget, is a sizeable amount, and I am not poverty stricken. When my three boys were babies I used cloth nappies, rinsed them out in the loo and popped them in a bucket to soak before they were washed in the machine. Often I rinsed and washed them off by hand. I did not contaminate the environment and saved my self alot of money. Granted this method is labour intensive, but a mother I know has solved this problem by creating an eco-friendly convenient hemp cloth nappy called the Bio-Baba Nappy. Have a look at her web page “10 good reasons” and a few other links. Please use cloth nappies, bio-baba nappies, eco-friendly nappies or diapers as the american term is used. It’s worth saving your pocket, the environment, your child’s health, your conscience and the country ‘s friendly odour!!

2 thoughts on “Talking about Nappies”

  1. I am a cloth nappy user and will never return to disposables.

    Why would I wrap my baby in plastic when I can wrap him in beautiful bamboo!

  2. Yes please use cloth nappies.. there is a lovely feeling of freedom and air when you hold a baby with a towelling nappy… good for the skin and good for the baby.. New nappies bambino mia and mother nature to name just a few … have a look at these and change to the new way…. clean way …. environment/baby friendly way..
    also G nappies are awesome have a look at their website.

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