Birth in South Africa

Pregnancy and childbirth differs in different countries and cultures, these posts are about birth in South Africa.

What are we Feeding our Unborn Babies?

In 1901 diabetes was virtually unknown in Southern Africa. Today, in 2017, about 15% of pregnant women present with symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy has risks. Mothers may experience weight gain, are more thirsty, and have a higher rate of infections, such as thrush or bladder or kidney infections. Often mothers present with frequent bronchitis or influenza, and may take a long time to recover during the pregnancy. When a pre-diabetic or diabetic mother needs a caesarian section for the birth of her baby, the wound is often infected and does not heal well. A mother may develop liver problems, called Continue reading

Gourmet Birth

I am cooking up a storm in the kitchen, while waiting to be called for a birth, (a client called a few hours ago to say she may be in early labour). I am cooking because it keeps my hands busy and engages my mind in a familiar task. I know what to do. I have made lasagna a thousand times, Continue reading