Birth in South Africa

Pregnancy and childbirth differs in different countries and cultures, these posts are about birth in South Africa.

Gourmet Birth

I am cooking up a storm in the kitchen, while waiting to be called for a birth, (a client called a few hours ago to say she may be in early labour). I am cooking because it keeps my hands busy and engages my mind in a familiar task. I know what to do. I have made lasagna a thousand times, Continue reading

Shoulder Dystocia Workshops Cape Town, PMB and Durban 2015

I am holding a series of workshops across South Africa covering all you need to know as a birth professional to effectively manage cases of Shoulder Dystocia, beginning in April 2015.

Shoulder Dystocia describes cases during birth where a baby requires an assisted manoeuvre in order to allow the baby’s shoulders to pass through the birth canal. Understanding the specific causes of Shoulder Dystocia and learning how to assist a baby caught in this predicament can dramatically reduce Continue reading