Natural Birth

Natural birth occurs when a woman releases powerful hormones and neurochemicals that enable her body to expand and release her baby from her womb. In its natural form, childbirth is a state of surrender and also a state of ecstasy as the highest peak of love hormones occurs in both the mother’s and the baby’s brain and body, which heightens their ability to adapt and engage in new relationships after the natural birth.

For a mother to give birth naturally, we must not disturb the natural physiological process of labour and birth. Women are designed to give birth and are usually able to do so without intervention. According to global statistics, only 10-15% of women may need some assistance and 85% of women are capable of birthing naturally. Women deserve to be informed about the benefits of natural birth so they can make informed choices about who cares for them, where and how they give birth. Women deserve compassionate and respectful care during labour and childbirth whether this takes place at home or in hospital.

The Flow of Life in Pregnancy and Birth

Everything we see and feel and do is about movement and flow. We watch daily the movement of the sun from one horizon to the opposite horizon, we feel the wind tug at our bodies as we walk outside, see the flight of birds from one point in the blue sky to another. Each night the milky way of stars makes its rotation, or is it ours. Continue reading

What is the Purpose of the Pain?

“There still remains the mysterious exception of birth pain.”

Eugene Marais was an Afrikaans (South African) genius and scientist, lawyer and poet. He spent years in the African wilderness observing termites or white ants, baboons and other animals and made a significant observation about the pain of childbirth. Continue reading

Penelope and Max

What ‘s so great about Waterbirth?

When I arrived at Penelope’s home, I found her in a makeshift plastic bath of warm water that her husband had rigged underneath the shower head in the apartment. She was curled up in a fetal position and there was a stillness about her. I arranged my midwifery bags, laid out a few things quietly and protected her privacy so that gentle silence enfolded us. Penelope turned on the shower Continue reading

Shoulder Dystocia Workshops Cape Town, PMB and Durban 2015

I am holding a series of workshops across South Africa covering all you need to know as a birth professional to effectively manage cases of Shoulder Dystocia, beginning in April 2015.

Shoulder Dystocia describes cases during birth where a baby requires an assisted manoeuvre in order to allow the baby’s shoulders to pass through the birth canal. Understanding the specific causes of Shoulder Dystocia and learning how to assist a baby caught in this predicament can dramatically reduce Continue reading