Aware Parenting

Bowlby and Beyond: How Emotions Shape Your Baby’s Brain

Bowlby’s landmark hypothesis that attachment to a loving caregiver is the core element in optimal development from infancy to adulthood, was a great step in our understanding of babies and children. The questions he raised about the importance of relationships for the growth of a baby’s brain preceded  advances in neurobiological research over the last thirty years. New research is even more startling in its scope: Continue reading

Stephen was at Tyla's birth and was the first to touch her.

Fathers at Birth

A father has commented on Spiritualbirth and brought to my attention that I emphasize the mothers and do not acknowledge the fathers enough. I apologize for this lack. In fact I encourage fathers to participate fully with their wives/partners in the process of birthing a baby, including the pregnancy and the parenting of their children. The lack of father-involvement is one of the major causes of antenatal and postnatal depression in mothers. Children grow and develop better Continue reading

Aware Parenting Workshop November 2010

I am happy to announce that that all those who have given me their names to attend the Aware Parenting have been added to the list and the list is now closed. See below for the address and times.

I will be presenting an introductory Aware Parenting Workshop on Sunday the 7th November 2010 at 2pm in Cape Town. Aware Parenting is based on ten principles devised by Aletha Solter ( and the workshop will introduce parenting of the aware baby and transition to toddlerhood. Early parenting can be exhausting and parents are often unsure of how to respond to their babies as well as meet their own needs for autonomy and self care.

  • Date: Sunday 7th November 2010
  • Time 14h00-17h00
  • Venue: 36A Avenue Le Croix, Fresnaye, Cape Town
  • Cost: R300.00 per couple regardless of whether one or two attend. You may bring a close friend or family member, someone who helps you care for your children.

Aware Parenting helps us to stay connected with ourselves as well as remain in touch with our children as they develop and grow. Applying the Aware Parenting Principles in my own family  helped me to sustain a strong relationship with each of my now grown-up sons and we were able to weather the stormy periods that happen between parents and children without losing our ability to communicate with each other honestly and with love.

If you are interested please contact me.

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Loving attachment and connection depicted here.

What is Aware Parenting?

Twenty-six years ago, when I was searching for a way to raise my kids without hitting them, I wish I had come across Aletha Solter and the Aware Parenting philosophy. Instead, I was inquiring from breastfeeding groups and friends in the area where I lived, on how to discipline my kids without hitting them. No one could tell me Continue reading