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Second Hand Gran

2nd Hand Gran

Second Hand Gran is a new eco fashion and ethical project I have started on Instagram – @2ndhandgran – a page dedicated to recycling and reducing waste by encouraging creativity and reuse of clothing. Clothing is something that we are all consumers of. Second Hand Gran works two ways. Firstly I am an earth loving travelling midwife, doula, mother, maternity nurse and “second hand gran” to mothers and their children who are tackling the leap during pregnancy, birth and caring for a newborn.

Second Hand Gran

I will counsel you online before and during pregnancy discussing anything from pre conceptual planning the natural way to changes during your pregnancy and what to expect. I will accompany you as a doula or a midwife through the birth. The first three months are the most critical. I look after mum by taking care of essential household chores if necessary, and I hold the baby when you need a break, easing you and your baby into a calm rhythm so that at night you both get to sleep. I offer skype or zoom sessions for antenatal care and classes, guiding you in preparation for the birth and the baby.

Secondly, I cannot ignore the climate change clarion call to emergency action with regard to the environment, with regard to my personal and spiritual life. Spiritually humans are transforming through tremendous challenges and upheavals on a global scale. Such changes call for real innovation and practical application. Particularly with regard to the conservation of our natural world and inhabitants of our beautiful planet. I am appalled by the legacy of consumerism and environmental harm I am  handing to my children. The textile industry, toy and leather industries have a large impact on air quality and waste water. Discarded fashion items clog up landfills. I both support an ethical fashion industry as well as recycling existing fashion items.

Tackling The Leap

For these reasons Second Hand Gran wears second hand thread, recycled bags and shoes when they fit. I try to keep my needs simple. I keep fit in nature, enjoy good vegetarian/vegan food, time spent with my family and children,  communion with animals and the chance to live each day with gratitude. Follow me in this journey on Instagram: @2ndhandgran.

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