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Midwifery and Birth Conference 2014

The Cape Town Midwifery and Birth Conference this year has a full, rich and varied programme and is set to shake the midwifery and birthing world in South Africa by its roots and branches, encouraging real transparency and discussion of women’s issues around midwifery and birth. What does it mean, to be a midwife? How flexible should a midwife be to support women’s birthing rights? How safe is it to give birth after multiple caesarians? Continue reading

How to Bond with your Unborn Baby

The idea that an unborn baby in the womb experiences feelings, absorbing and processing stimuli from the environment, is relatively new. Until the early 1950’s it was thought that babies did not experience pain and that unborn babies were unable to feel or receive sensory information. The placenta was thought to be a barrier between the mother and baby until Continue reading

Skin to skin contact after birth

Molecules of Love

Oxytocin, the hormone of love, stimulates the release of a chemical messenger called “atrial natriuretic peptide” by cells in the heart muscle. In other words, oxytocin affects the heart! Oxytocin molecules are molecules of love, the neurotransmitters of those warm feelings that make us feel warm and relaxed, kind and helpful towards others, social and friendly Continue reading