Pregnancy and Birth Information

Useful information to help guide you through your pregnancy and about how to achieve a spiritual birth experience and how to avoid unnecessary medical interference and/or intervention during the birth process.

How to Bond with your Unborn Baby

The idea that an unborn baby in the womb experiences feelings, absorbing and processing stimuli from the environment, is relatively new. Until the early 1950’s it was thought that babies did not experience pain and that unborn babies were unable to feel or receive sensory information. The placenta was thought to be a barrier between the mother and baby until Continue reading

The Miracle of Conception

Preconception Planning

Preparing mind, body and spirit for pregnancy before conception is vital. The numbers of women who are struggling to conceive is increasing in the west and desperate couples are seeking surrogacy in other countries such as India or Brazil. On the other hand, women in third world countries become pregnant all too easily and are at risk due to undernourishment and poverty. Not to mention the  everyday stresses of city life, the airborne pollutants, fluoride in the drinking water, and work deadlines that add to the burden Continue reading