Spiritual Parenting

Maiden Mothers

Always Maiden, Always Mother!

A mother is a maiden whose womb has carried and born fruit. We as women hold within us the ultimate creative space and forces. Honouring our ‘womb’anhood enables us to gather and shape our futures and release the culmination of our creative process. When we allow ourselves to surrender to and release our power, we give birth to ourselves, our partners and our children throughout our lives. Continue reading

How to Bond with your Unborn Baby

The idea that an unborn baby in the womb experiences feelings, absorbing and processing stimuli from the environment, is relatively new. Until the early 1950’s it was thought that babies did not experience pain and that unborn babies were unable to feel or receive sensory information. The placenta was thought to be a barrier between the mother and baby until Continue reading

Bowlby and Beyond: How Emotions Shape Your Baby’s Brain

Bowlby’s landmark¬†hypothesis that attachment to a loving caregiver is the core element in optimal development from infancy to adulthood, was a great step in our understanding of babies and children. The questions he raised about the importance of relationships for the growth of a baby’s brain preceded ¬†advances in neurobiological research over the last thirty years. New research is even more startling in its scope: Continue reading

My Dada and Me 2011

The Travelling Midwife: Understanding my Father

I heard him shuffle slowly slowly down the passage and imagined him pushing his walking frame inch by inch. The sound of his slippers on the tiles was like a lake lapping on the shore on a windless day. As he gradually appeared in the doorway, I rose to greet him and his face lit up into a broad toothless grin. Eyes sparkling under bushy eyebrows, he shuffled through the doorway, struggling to push the wheels of his walking frame onto the ridge of the carpet and edging close enough to the chair so he could sit down. Finally Continue reading