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We believe that women need to prepare for natural birth in every aspect of their lives, including the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical areas of their being. A woman deserves the right to choose her companions as well as where and how she will give birth to her child. Pregnancy and birth are normal life events for most women.

To this end, interventions should be kept to a minimum wherever possible. A baby who is born gently and welcomed by warm, caring parents receives the best possible start in life. Women who are well prepared in their minds, bodies and spirits can experience birth as a profoundly moving and empowering event - a spiritual birth.

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What are we Feeding our Unborn Babies?

In 1901 diabetes was virtually unknown in Southern Africa. Today, in 2017, about 15% of pregnant women present with symptoms of diabetes during pregnancy. Diabetes during pregnancy has risks. Mothers may experience weight gain, are more thirsty, and have a higher rate of infections, such as thrush or bladder or kidney infections. Often mothers present with frequent bronchitis or influenza, and may take a long time to recover during the pregnancy. When a pre-diabetic or diabetic mother needs a caesarian section for the birth of her baby, the wound is often infected and does not heal well. A mother may develop liver problems, called Continue reading

The Flow of Life in Pregnancy and Birth

Everything we see and feel and do is about movement and flow. We watch daily the movement of the sun from one horizon to the opposite horizon, we feel the wind tug at our bodies as we walk outside, see the flight of birds from one point in the blue sky to another. Each night the milky way of stars makes its rotation, or is it ours. Continue reading