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We believe that women need to prepare for natural birth in every aspect of their lives, including the spiritual, emotional, mental and physical areas of their being. A woman deserves the right to choose her companions as well as where and how she will give birth to her child. Pregnancy and birth are normal life events for most women.

To this end, interventions should be kept to a minimum wherever possible. A baby who is born gently and welcomed by warm, caring parents receives the best possible start in life. Women who are well prepared in their minds, bodies and spirits can experience birth as a profoundly moving and empowering event - a spiritual birth.

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Marianne Littlejohn - Midwife and proud of it

Is Midwifery a Dying Art?

The following was originally posted on Facebook, but received such an overwhelming response that I felt it was worth posting on my website too. Below the original post about midwives’ and doulas’ seemingly different levels of recognition by the public in general, I have included the first couple of hours’ worth of Facebook comments Continue reading

The Recognition and Welcoming

What is Physiological Birth?

Natural physiological birth is an involuntary process orchestrated by neurochemicals and hormones that unfurl a woman’s body, enabling her to give birth to a baby and make the transition to motherhood. Physiological birth is directed from within the limbic system Continue reading

Marianne Littlejohn Workshop

Workshop: Supporting Physiological Births at Home

This is a little short notice, but I wanted to tell you all about a workshop I am giving on Thursday the 12th of September 2013. The workshop will be on Supporting Physiological Births at Home. In this morning workshop we will be discussing all aspects of this physiological birth and how to support it in the home environment, a subject which is very close to my heart. Continue reading