Saba at 39 weeks pregnant with twins

A Natural Twin Birth – The Travelling Midwife

When a mother is carrying twins it is possible to give birth naturally without harm to either the mother, or either of the twins. A mother needs to be healthy, the twin pregnancy needs to be free of complications and it is helpful when the twins are lying in favourable positions. A mother needs to be confident and take full responsibility for her personal health. How a woman herself was born also Continue reading

Humanising Birth: A Practical Experience

Gauri Lowe is a Doctor currently doing her internship after graduating from the University of Cape Town.  I had the pleasure of being her midwife for the birth of her son halfway through her medical degree. Gauri noticed the vast difference between her fulfilling natural birth experience and how birth happens in hospitals for most women. She was alarmed by the impersonal medicalization of childbirth that she and her fellow students were being taught and she wrote this report for her fifth year elective.


In 2005 the experience of giving birth to my son (at home without any intervention) changed my life. I understood the profound and empowering Continue reading