Spiritual Midwife

Maiden Mothers

Always Maiden, Always Mother!

A mother is a maiden whose womb has carried and born fruit. We as women hold within us the ultimate creative space and forces. Honouring our ‘womb’anhood enables us to gather and shape our futures and release the culmination of our creative process. When we allow ourselves to surrender to and release our power, we give birth to ourselves, our partners and our children throughout our lives. Continue reading

Marianne Littlejohn - Midwife and proud of it

Is Midwifery a Dying Art?

The following was originally posted on Facebook, but received such an overwhelming response that I felt it was worth posting on my website too. Below the original post about midwives’ and doulas’ seemingly different levels of recognition by the public in general, I have included the first couple of hours’ worth of Facebook comments Continue reading

Newborn Isabella

A Spiritual Midwife

A true midwife operates from a place of deep respect and reverence for life. She understands suffering and is therefore capable of magnanimous compassion. Such a midwife is able to stand in her strength yet be as flexible as a willow branch in the wind, in order to withold her projections and refrain from disturbing the process of labour and birth. A good midwife tends her spiritual garden and nurtures it, making sure she herself is nourished from the Divine Source. Continue reading

Sebastian, Adam and Gemma

A Week in the Life of a Midwife

There has to be a quiet place deep in the heart of every spiritual midwife – a place that is not disturbed by differences, chaos, people, events nor rattled by fear or timidity. To say that I am always calm is not entirely true, but I am amazed at the resilience of my soul. Some days do not seem to end and I feel as if I have lived a thousand days in one. Continue reading

The Labyrinth at Damanhur depicts the journey we make on earth from birth to death and beyond

Why Spiritual Birth?

A Lifetime without Love is of no account
Love is the water of Life
Drink it down with heart and soul
– Rumi

I have sometimes been asked why the title of my website is Spiritual Birth when birth is a physiological event in a material world that demands scientific facts and medical knowledge Continue reading

The Great Mother

Itziar, Michael and Luz
The Mother’s Blessing (Spanish version)

Retono mio, esta es la bendicion de tu madre,
Nunca olvides a Dios, ni un momento
Adorando, por siempre, al Senor del Universo
Recordnando a Dios, todos los errores son purificados.

Y rodos nuestros ancestros son acogidos y slavados.
Siempre canta el nombre Continue reading