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The KZN Workshop Participants

Spiritual Birth Workshop Kwazulunatal 2012: The Travelling Midwife

You may ask “What is a Spiritual Birth Workshop”? To start with one needs to define the term Spiritual Birth – It is a religious term for spiritual enlightenment, it is a term to describe a kind of childbirth, and also the birth of new parents. Our bodies are the physical expression of universal energy and quantum physics. The term ‘spiritual’ for as human being therefore means to be completely embodied and present in the moment, awakened in both the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves. How does this relate to pregnancy and childbirth? Continue reading

Human Rights in Childbirth – The Travelling Midwife

“Who decides how a baby is born? Who chooses where a birth takes place? Who bears the ultimate responsibility for a birth and its outcome? What are the legal rights of birthing women? What are the responsibilities of doctors, midwives and other caregivers in childbirth? What are the rights and interests of the unborn, and how are they protected?” This excerpt from Continue reading

The Travelling Midwife: A Homebirth in Clarens

Ane’ de Witt was adamant that this time round with her second pregnancy she was going to give birth at home in Clarens. Clarens is a pristine village in the Maluti mountains of the Eastern Free State, named after the village Clarens in Switzerland by General Jan Smuts of South African history. Clarens is situated about 20km from the Golden Gate Nature Reserve Continue reading

Ecstatic Family

Natural ‘Undisturbed’ Birth: The Travelling Midwife

What is an undisturbed natural birth? Natural Birth is an involuntary physiological process that occurs when labour commences, progresses and culminates in the expulsion of a baby from a mother’s womb. I had the privilege recently of being present at this kind of birth on a smallholding one and a half hours drive away from Cape Town. The expansive countryside set the tone for Continue reading