Vaginal Birth After Caesarian(VBAC)

Mieke and her husband Cornell at 38 weeks

Champion of Mothers

“For when it pleased God, He separated me from my mother’s womb, and called me by His grace”

Mieke came to me at 36 weeks of her pregnancy referred by a friend who had successfully achieved a vaginal birth after caesarian section (VBAC). Mieke had tried for a homebirth with her first pregnancy, but after long and lengthy pushing, transfer to hospital and no progress for hours, a caesarian section was the chosen course of action. Mieke’s recovery Continue reading

VBACs – Vaginal Birth After Caesarian

No matter whether a baby is born by caesarian section or natural birth, the birth of a baby is still an amazing spiritual event.

The demand in my practice for Vaginal Births After Caesarian (VBAC’s) gave me the impetus to do some voluntary research into the subject of VBAC’s, given the possible risk to the mother of uterine rupture and demise of the baby. While it appears that the risk of uterine rupture is between 0.4-0.7 percent when a client has had one caesarean section, many of the studies do not control for the use of oxytocin and or induction of labour with prostaglandins. In other words, many women who try for a VBAC are given synthetic drugs during labour, which increases the intensity of the contractions, thus increasing the risk of rupture of the old scar in the uterine muscle.

While the actual risk of rupture is low, if the uterus does rupture, it could be a catastrophic event. Many women are prepared to face and Continue reading