Natural Birth Workshops

Birth Workshops and Events

Marianne hosts Natural Birth Workshops and Aware Parenting Workshops in South Africa. These workshops are focussed on the spiritual, emotional, physical and social aspects of birth, as well as expanding your knowledge base about childbirth and aware parenting. The material is designed to give you the tools you need during labour, birth and early parenting.

Find a Spiritual Birth Workshop to attend:

  • Cape Town VBAC Stats and Facts Workshop – July 2016

    Event Date : 9th July 2016

    Mona, Nabil and Hannah

    After many years of witnessing first hand and studying the current status quo of Caesarian sections in childbirth in South Africa, I am presenting a Cape Town VBAC Stats and Facts Workshop at Mtwana Birth Centre on 11th July 2016.

  • Healthy Earth, Healthy Birth Workshop with Binnie Dansby – April 2016

    Event Date : 3rd April 2016

    Binnie Dansby

    Mtwana Birth Centre is proud to present International Healer and Ecstatic Birth proponent Binnie Dansby, who has been working with breath and ecstacy for 30 years. Her workshops are designed to empower each person through the use of practical and powerful tools, techniques, inspiration, and the breath. The workshop is open to anyone working in the ...

  • Shoulder Dystocia Workshops Cape Town, PMB and Durban 2015

    Event Date : 11th, 18th, 26th April 2015

    I am holding a series of workshops across South Africa covering all you need to know as a birth professional to effectively manage cases of Shoulder Dystocia.

  • My Week of Shoulder Dystocia Workshops in Gauteng

    Event Date : April 2015

    Workshops for Midwives aims to teach midwifery skills to any midwife interested in participating and growing through interactive learning situations.

  • Seminar: Supporting Physiological Birth

    Event Date : 14 - 15th June 2014

    A seminar to learn about physiological birth and how to support it for midwives, doulas, childbirth educators and anyone interested in caring for women at birth.

  • Workshop: Supporting Physiological Births at Home

    Event Date : 12th September 2013

    This is a little short notice, but I wanted to tell you all about a workshop I am giving on Thursday the 12th of September 2013. The workshop will be on Supporting Physiological Births at Home. In this morning workshop we will be discussing all aspects of this physiological birth and how to support it ...

  • Spiritual Birth Workshop Scarborough February 2013

    Event Date : 16 - 17th February 2014

    Scarborough View

    Marianne is hosting a Spiritual Birth Workshop in Scarborough, Cape Town on the weekend of the 16th and 17th February 2013. With a panoramic view of nature and the ocean, this idyllic location is a perfect place in which to explore the spiritual effects of natural birth! Register and be part of this workshop. The Spiritual ...

  • Natural Birth Workshop in Hilton December 2012

    Event Date : 8 - 9th December 2012

    Natural Birth Workshop Circle

    Marianne will be presenting a Natural Birth workshop on the eighth and ninth of December 2012, at Passionate Births in Hilton, Pietermaritzburg. Register now for your chance to experience this uplifting and educational workshop on natural birth.

  • Natural Birth Workshop – Hilton, August 2012

    Event Date : 18 - 19th August 2012

    Alert and Receptive, Natural Birth

    Marianne will be presenting a Natural Birth workshop on the 18th and 19th of August. This workshop will cover all aspects of how to achieve a natural birth the Spiritual Birth way. We will explore how to be guided by your inner compass and spiritual intuition as well as how to surrender to the powerful ...

  • The Biology of Spiritual Birth Workshop Feedback 2012

    Event Date : 6th May 2012

    The Biology of Birth workshop at Genesis Clinic on the 6th May 2012 was well attended by wonderful women.

  • Natural Birth Workshop May 2012

    Event Date : 20th May 2012

    Good Hope Cottage in Scarborough, CT

    I will be holding a Natural Birth Preparation Workshop at my cottage in Scarborough from 10am – 5pm on Sunday the 20th of May 2012. Due to the intimate (and beautiful) location of this workshop, I am regrettably only able to host six couples at a time, but if I receive an overwhelming amount of interest ...

  • Natural Birth Workshop in Kwazulunatal, January 2012

    Event Date : January 2012

    Natural Birth Workshop Circle 2012

    The Natural Birth Workshop in Kwazulunatal presented the anatomy and physiology of Birth, addressed the effects of the emotional luggage we carry on our bodies and birth process and guided participants in techniques to manage the strong sensations of birth.

  • Natural Birth Workshop January 2012 in Kwazulunatal, South Africa

    Event Date : January 2012

    The Natural Birth Workshop in Kwazulunatal was a balmy day of discovery and sharing about ourselves, birth anatomy and physiology, and each other.

  • Natural Birth Workshop January 2012, KZN

    Event Date : 14th January 2012

    Summerhill Natural Birth Workshop

    Marianne of Spiritual Birth will be hosting a Natural Birth Workshop on Saturday the 14th of January in Mooi River, KwaZulu Natal. Find out more information and register to attend…

  • Natural Birth Workshop Feedback October 2011

    Event Date : 8th October 2011

    Hard at work - the Natural Birth Workshop

    The Natural Birth Workshop October 2011 was a day filled with the physiology of labour as we worked our way through various activities and exercises to prepare for the birthing process.

  • Natural Birth Workshop – Saturday 8th October 2011

    Event Date : 8th October 2011

    Marianne Littlejohn is holding a Natural Birth Workshop for first-time and experienced parents in Cape Town on the 8th of October 2011 at the Jai Yoga studio.

  • Natural Birth Preparation Workshop in KZN: 7th & 8th May 2011

    Event Date : 7th - 8th May 2011

    I am presenting another Spiritual Birth Preparation Workshop on the 7th and 8th of May 2011 in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal for a few interested couples. If you are keen to participate, please get in touch via this…

  • The Travelling Midwife: KZN Birth Workshop March 2011

    Event Date : 26th - 27th March 2011

    Megan and Russell offered to host the now postponed KZN Birth Workshop on their farm in the Kwazulunatal Midlands this weekend, the 26th and 27th March 2011. Their farm is nestled in a valley in front of the Giants Castle part of the Drakensberg and their home a cottage built in 1896!

  • Spiritualbirth Preparation Workshop March 2011

    Event Date : March 2011

    I am presenting another Spiritualbirth Preparation Workshop on the 7th and 8th of May 2011 in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal for a few couples. If you are interested in participating please get in touch…

  • Aware Parenting Workshop November 2010

    Event Date : 7th November 2010

    I will be presenting an introductory Aware Parenting Workshop on Sunday the 7th November 2010 at 2pm in Cape Town. Aware Parenting is based on ten principles devised by Aletha Solter…