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Pregnant? Prepare for Labour and Birth

Claire, Jason and the girls

When a woman understands the mechanics, process and phases of labour she is able come to the labour with less fear and realise that labour has a beginning and an end. Information about the different stages of labour, and how the body may feel as the labour becomes more intense helps the mother stay calm. A loving relationship with the father of the baby and tender exchanges of love and touch during the labour facilitate trust and the optimal release of ‘oxytocin’, the “love” hormone.

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Pregnancy and Birth Information

Positions for Labour and Birth

Historically, pictures and artifacts from ancient civilizations depict women giving birth on birth stools, or squatting and kneeling to give birth. Engelman, a 19th century obstetrician, documented upright birth positions used by women all over the world from various peoples and tribal groups. Museum artefacts of women giving birth show only women in upright postures.

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The Origins of Infant Mental Health

Lack of nourishment may retard fetal growth, it may also lead to an increase in the production of cortisol, a hormone produced in response to stress, which in prolonged concentrations may affect brain cell differentiation (3). Effects in the first three months of pregnancy may be harmful to the development of the brain, including memory centres and areas of emotional responsiveness, such as the hippocampus

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Why Natural Birth?

Lisa, Michel and their newborn son Tadiwa

I see clients, on a weekly basis, imploring me to help them have a natural birth after one, two and sometimes even three caesarian births. They speak about the nagging sense of loss, the feelings of failure, the terrible pain afterwards, the struggle to hold and feed their babies, the depression that lasts for months. I have women who come to me in Cape Town from as far afield as Limpopo and Namibia, because they have heard that there is a midwife and a doctor in Cape Town who will help them give natural birth. When I ask them why they want natural birth so badly, they tell me various themes.

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