Birth in South Africa Spiritual Midwife The Travelling Midwife

The Travelling Midwife: The Imprints of Medicalized Childbirth

African Women carrying water as well as babies on their backs in South Africa

The early morning frost singed my fingers and toes during feeding time and as the day warmed up, we all thawed out in the midday sun. Safely ensconced at my mother’s Kwazulunatal ‘Horselovers Haven’, I was blissfully spending time in the herd, lying down with my horse in the grass and playing with him while …

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Birth in South Africa The Travelling Midwife Vaginal Birth After Caesarian(VBAC)

Vaginal Birth After Caesarian(VBAC) – The Travelling Midwife

Baie trots! - Very Proud!

This story is not for those women who choose to have an elective caesarian. This story is for those women who feel they were coerced into having an unnecessary caesarian section and feel robbed of their right to have a normal birth or at the very least, to try. Many women do not know that …

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