Birth in South Africa The Travelling Midwife

Stop Press – Twin Birth in Cape Town: The Travelling Midwife

Selkie and Bundi meeting the Twins for the first time

The twins we were waiting for have arrived. I arrived in Cape Town on the 25th may 2011 and the dues date for the twins was the 1st June 2011, although the mother had been having twinges. Finally the Mom went into labour early this morning and gave birth to beautiful twin girls, one born with the mother in a squatting position and the second twin a waterbirth. No interventions, a tired midwife and even more tired and ecstatic mother! Full story and pics to follow!

Update: Click here to read the full account – A Natural Twin Birth

6 thoughts on “Stop Press – Twin Birth in Cape Town: The Travelling Midwife”

  1. You are the BEST!!!! I cannot wait to hear the whole story.. You are truly amazing and blessed to have had twin girls born in the water at home.

  2. cant wait to post this story on facebook – because of course, twin vaginal birth is IMPOSSIBLE!

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