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Midwifery and Birth Conference Cape Town 2013

The idea of our own Midwifery and Birth Conference with a South African flavour was born in the care during many journeys and discussions while travelling to homebirths with Ruth, my apprentice. Meanwhile, on travels in India, my good friend, Dr Gauri Lowe, was inspired by a similar concept and the idea took off. We have a wealth of knowledge in South Africa and why not recruit local speakers when we are all passionate about Birth and Midwifery.

Book your place at the Midwifery and Birth Conference 2013
Book your place at the Midwifery and Birth Conference 2013

The committee is comprised of doulas, student midwives, an attorney, an independent midwife, and a medical doctor. Generation of ideas has been prolific and organizing the conference is proving to be a steep learning curve for us all. Our immediate aim is to promote collaboration and sharing between birth professionals and the women they serve….we also look forward to hearing what YOU, the delegates, have to say.

Conference Details

The Cape Town Midwifery and Birth Conference will take place from the 8th to the 9th of February 2013 at Erin Hall in Erin Rd, Rondebosch, Cape Town.

The conference will begin at 6pm on Friday the 8th of February as an evening event. We will open with a panel discussion of speakers (two doctors, a midwife and a mother) sharing their views on Birth in the Western Cape Today. This will be followed by a question and answer session open to audience and an open floor discussion between participants and the panel. We will wind up the evening with a film – Laboring Under An Illusion – a hilarious take on how the media shapes our perception of birth.

Saturday the 9th of Feb will start at 8:30am with a panel discussion on ante-natal education and its effectiveness. Here again, we have a wonderful panel of varied ante natal educators sharing their knowledge and skills.Panels for the rest of the day will centre around Motherbaby Centred Birth Models, What About Homebirth? And Midwifery Education – is it Meeting Our Needs?

The event will close in the early evening of the Saturday with an award ceremony for South Africa’s Birthing Hero – if you haven’t already, vote for your favourite birthing hero here!

How to Register

The Cape Town Midwifery and Birth Conference is open to Mothers, Fathers, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Midwives, Obstetricians, Doctors, Breastfeeding Consultants and anyone interested in the field of birth and midwifery. It is an opportunity for everyone to share, discuss and collaborate.

To book your place please register here.

(Seats are limited so book as soon as possible…)

For more info have a look at our website, We hope to see you there!

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