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Quick Press: Benefit of Natural Birth

Did you know that the vaginal walls may contain receptors and signal cells to stimulate the release of oxytocin during labour? This is the case with other mammalian species and can be extrapolated to apply to our own human species. The experience of vaginal birth may therefore promote bonding and immediate benevolence towards one’s offspring after birth. This is not to say that mums who don’t give birth vaginally are not responsive to their infants; it may just be more difficult for them to experience the immediate physiological response. This effect can be mitigated by Kangaroo Mother Care and immediate breastfeeding after surgery.

Sophie after her birth and with her family
Sophie’s Mum Angelia developed an illness called cholestasis late in her pregnancy and it was touch and go whether she would be able to give birth naturally. Cholestasis affects the liver and releases poisons into the blood stream that may harm the baby. Angelia was induced and with lots of encouragement and some wonderful hospital staff who enable Angelia to take a long warm bath, she gave birth victoriously to little Sophie. While Angelia had not regarded herself as the motherly type, she was duly smitten and has succumbed to the pleasure of breastfeeding and mothering her sweet daughter. Kudo’s go all round to her husband and her mum, who supported Angelia in every way.

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