Birth Conference

Sacred Birth: Preparation for Heart, Mind and Spirit

Damanhur Tree Art depicts the Strength we need with strong roots and plentiful branches to hold our centre so that New Life can grow within us.

Stephanie Dawn from the United States shared her wonderful work on Sacred Birth at the Damanhur Birth Summit 2010. Sacred Birth is Love in Action and starts with aiming for the highest possible level of empowerment for the mother, father and the baby throughout the pregnancy, birth and parenthood journey. Finding your spiritual truth is really important and drawing on the energy of the Great Divine Spirit through prayer, mindfulness and meditation are the first steps towards creating a sacred birth. Examining your personal history however painful, excellent self care, creating your perfect birth team and preparing for your changing identity are all crucial tasks that must be undertaken when preparing for birth. Love is Right Action. Simple steps like drinking enough water, eating organic or biodynamic food, deep breathing, walking in nature, dancing, laughing (and crying too!), listening to your inner voice as well as uplifting music are all beneficial practices when pregnant. The image on the left was painted by the youth at Damanhur to decorate their house. Check out

Take Care and may True Love be Yours.

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