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The Homebirth of Twins: Skye and Eden

Vivienne, Andre and the Twins

Vivienne and Andre Du Preez gave birth to twins Skye and Eden at their home in Muizenberg on the 12th April 2014. It was the ecstatic culmination of many years of planning and 9 months of carefully preparing and carrying the twins after they were conceived.

Vivienne always knew she wanted a homebirth and was even more determined after she learnt she was carrying twins, and especially as Vivienne herself had been born at home. Vivienne was super fit during the pregnancy practicing yoga and belly dancing daily in between swimming and long walks on the beach. Headstands were practiced until 34 weeks of the pregnancy.

The twin pregnancy journey
The journey took 9 months and 9 days

Vivienne and Andre eat mostly organic foods, a pescatarian diet including superfoods, such as hemp seed powder, maca powder, chia seeds, organic dairy products as well as highly nutritious organic brown rice, vegetables and fruit. Most mothers gain 15kg in the pregnancy with one baby in the womb; Vivienne gained only 15kg with two babies in the womb. Prior to conception, both Vivienne and Andre ensured they were in peak fitness and health. They were unwaveringly committed to preparing for a natural waterbirth at home and were an immensely inspiring couple to work with. The dichorionic non-identical twins, a boy (Skye) and a girl(Eden) were born calmly on a windless afternoon in their home overlooking the Muizenberg Fynbos. Both babies were born in the water.

Vivienne took no pain relief during labour as she had attended a hypnobirthing course with Kim Young of Beautifullyborn Hypnobirthing during the pregnancy. Vivienne also sought out a midwife team who would assist her at home, despite opposition from medical doctors and midwives alike. Marianne Littlejohn facilitated the births of Skye and Eden, with the assistance of Lana Petersen and second midwife Lydia Du Toit on stand-by, with Cape Town’s Mowbray Maternity Hospital as the back-up facility in the event of transfer.

The birth of Skye
The birth of Skye
The birthing pool was set up in the lounge area with a view of the sea in the distance and the soothing sound of waves rolling rhythmically onto the long sandy shore. Water helps to keep a labouring mother warm and this is important for the rhythmic and optimal release of synctocinon and vasopressin, the hormones that synchronise the uterine contractions and culminate in expulsive efforts. The warm water also keeps a mother calm so that she does not take fright and release adrenaline, which might antagonise the hormone oxytocin, thus interfering with or stopping the labour. To ‘not’ disturb the mother is even more critical with the birth of twins and setting up an environment where undisturbed birth can happen is of paramount importance, especially with regard to the birth of the second twin. The mother needs to be as confident and as calm for the birth of the second twin as she was with the first, so that her body releases the necessary hormones for the birth all over again.

Skye slipped into the water first and took to the breast soon after birth, eager to stock up on reserves before his sister was born. Eden arrived 6 hrs later after a little encouragement from her Mum and midwife, who waited until Eden was in a good position before popping the bag of waters around her. Vivienne birthed both placentas about an hour after the birth, after which we tucked the twins into bed with their parents and the twins enjoyed a nourishing feed. Vivienne made it look easy, which belied the superhuman effort of birthing her babies of 2700gms and 3300gms respectively at home.

Twin Love - Skye and Eden born at home
Twin Love – Skye and Eden born at home

Note from the author:

The immense opposition and fear of the medical personnel and family alike prior to the birth was more difficult to contain and mutual encouragement and ‘keeping our heads’ was vital to maintaining the atmosphere of calm required for physiological birth to occur spontaneously. At the same time my observation and monitoring skills needed to be focused and my whole being in a state of receptivity and responsiveness to the slighest nuances in the mother’s and the babies’ states of wellbeing. My midwifery emergency equipment was at the ready but thankfully was not needed. The room was warm, the lights dim, silence was the norm except for the hypnobirthing meditation audio that Vivienne used to guide her state of calm. It was as if Vivienne was in a trance state, like being asleep yet wakeful at the same time, the result of endorphins being released by her pituitary gland.

While her mind rested, her body responded magnificently.

14 thoughts on “The Homebirth of Twins: Skye and Eden”

  1. Well done to both inspirational parents and to Marianne the inspirational midwife. It’s so warms my Midwife heart to to see that somewhere in the World, natural home birth of twins is still happening…and in the water, and 6 hours apart. Great! To Andrew I would say you are of the opinion of many other ‘fear-driven, so called, science-based, members of the public….have some faith. Midwives are professionally trained, extremely safe practitioners that support normal birth. Home is where birth is safest for mum and baby….loads of research to back this up if you really need research to make you feel confident about this.

  2. What an inspiring story! Hugest congratulations and kudos to Vivienne and all on creating a peaceful and supportive birthing environment despite the saddening lack of support for this type of birth in SA. May others learn from your example and be encouraged. Natural birth IS safest!

  3. Andrew…I’m completely puzzled! Where was the aggression in Marianne’s comment?? Regarding the article you posted, because a leading AUTHOR says that home births are dangerous, that doesn’t actually make it the truth. There are loads of genuine studies to the contrary – and here in the UK we are encouraged to birth at home or use midwife led birth centres if we have a normal pregnancy.

  4. dont know them BUT glad it went well, could just as well have not. irresponsible gamble imo. what would worst case scenario have been? we dont even want to think about that

    1. Thank you for your comment Andrew. I am glad you are relieved it went well, however I disagree as I have never met a more responsible couple. The worst case scenario would have been interference with all the possible iatrogenic complications. The best case scenario was to set up an undisturbed birth environment so that physiological birth could take place with an experienced and dedicated midwife throughout the process.

      1. Look at any study, any country will find the same results:


        unfortunately the numbers do not lie. and I am sorry you replied in such an aggressive manner. i understand it is your livelihood and thus you have a biased view. but in the case of a rapid loss of blood or similar emergency 5 min would be the diff between life and death. twin births are high risk no matter how you cut it.
        ill go look for answers elsewhere.

        i wish the twins a long and happy life!

      2. If only I had known you when my twins were born. And trusted myself more … Instead I succumbed to the fear of all around me who expected me to go into labour early because my twins were big (7 &1/2lb and 8lb). All began to panic at 38 weeks & demanded a Caesarian, at which point my blood pressure spiked, and the cycle of interventions began culminating in an emergency caesar under GA. So sad & I will always regret it as there’s no do-overs for any birth. Healing came 3 years later with my VBAC at home of my 10 &1/2lb son – peacefully, consciously from my belly to my arms. Some people will never understand. I do. Bless you.

  5. What an inspiring story, thank you for sharing this with us. I feel very privileged to hear something so positive. I am sure your children will grow knowing only the absolute love and care of both their parents, having known from conception of how important their lives and births were to you both.

    1. A wonderful story for women the world over to know they can have a risk free delivery given the right people by your side x

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