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Pics from Aware Parenting Workshop – 07.11.2010

We had a wonderful time at the Aware Parenting Workshop in Cape Town this Sunday the 7th of November. It was lovely to be with all the eager participants to discuss and share insights about the principles of aware parenting.The Cheesecake was fantastic and our gracious host and hostess made us feel very much at home. I will not forget to mention the wonderful people who babysat or looked after the little ‘uns for the afternoon so their parents could attend. Thank you to all of you for making this such a worthwhile event. Here are some pictures from the workshop…

Thoughtful and attentive participants
Marianne discussing the basic tenets of Aware Parenting
Karen attending in the last hours of her pregnancy. Her baby was born later that night, a home waterbirth!
Briggitte, single mom to gorgeous Vega who also was attentive for most of the workshop!
Robyn and Nicol, our generous hosts in the foreground with Kamiel and Sarah behind them

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