Birth in South Africa

Ode Leanne

Ode Leanne was born at her mum’s house in Cape Town during the exam period of MBA degree finals at Cape Town University. The birth was attended by her father, myself and Lydia my colleague. The lights were dimmed, the atmosphere was calm and the birth was spontaneous and undistubed.

Monyl, Ode Leanne’s mum, walked to the campus, a kilometre away, a few days after she was born and passed her exams with flying colours. Monyl had decided she wanted a homebirth at about 38 weeks of pregnancy after her obstetrician had tried to convince her natural birth wasn’t safe and that she should book a caesarian section the following week. Serendipitously we found each other and another baby was born gently and received into her parents arms without interventions.

Monyl, although she lost her own mother as a child, was confident that she could give birth like her own mother had given birth, naturally and spontaneously. And she was successful!

Dad, an engineer by profession, also had his chance to do kangaroo mother care after the birth and was delighted by the whole experience.

Monyl now works for a company in Johannesburg and she and her family are thriving.

I was lucky enough to see Monyl and Ode Leanne when Monyl came for her graduation ceremony at the University of Cape Town earlier this year.

May you and your family be blessed!

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  1. I chose a natural birth because it seemed the most natural thing to do and I trusted that the midwife had the expertise and experience to know if something is unusual and necessitates immediate medical attention. There was nothing heroic about it, it was a truly humbling experience. I had no control over whatsoever and just had to allow myself to “let go and let God.” I had the strong feeling that He who gave me such a wonderful gift, will not allow me to crumble, but will give me the strength to overcome whatever stands on my way. And off I went to campus the next day, trusting that I will be fine…

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