Natural Birth Workshop January 2012 in Kwazulunatal, South Africa

The January 2012 Birth Workshop in Kwazulunatal went well thanks to the hospitality and generosity of our hosts Emma-Lynn and Gavin Fyvie at Summerhill Stud. They opened their home and we were able to bask in comfort and were shaded from the summer heat. Participants were eager to learn the theory of birth and asked many questions about how birth works (it does work!).

Workshop Circle 2012 in KZN

After the theoretical stuff we addressed the deeper issues and explored aspects of the emotional luggage we carry and how this affects a woman’s (and a husband’s) birthing process. Watching the birth videos never fails to trigger various responses and interest and in between questions and comments we shared some laughs.

Getting comfortable KZN Wkshop 2012

After a hearty and relaxing lunch with tasty contributions made by everyone, the techniques for flowing with the intense sensations of birth deepened our awareness of ourselves. The final meditation elicited strong emotions from each participant in the group and we ended the day with a deeper sense of intimacy than when we began. Thank you to the lovely receptive group of people – May your births be blessed!

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