Webinar – How to support and monitor a birth without touching the woman

Marianne 2018

Starts Tuesday 24th March, 7pm GMT
A webinar for midwives, doulas and pregnant women, with international midwife Marianne Littlejohn, Spiritual Birth

In the current coronavirus global epidemic it is even more important to be confident and capable in supporting women in labour while being hands off, to protect her and to protect you. 

Current maternity care practises can involve a fair amount of touch: internal examinations, measuring contractions, feeling the bump, supporting the perineum. How can these practises be changed or tweaked while maintaining safety?  In this webinar Marianne will draw on her decades of experience, and her knowledge, to share with you an approach, a way of being with the woman, that uses your higher level midwifery skills, to be a hands off midwife, and support the woman to give birth to her baby safely. 

Marianne is a highly experienced and knowledgeable midwife, who has run midwifery training programmes, set up birth centres and has an independent midwifery practise in her home country of South Africa. 

How to join

To join the webinar follow this link. (Downloads the Zoom conference app if you do not already have it). The webinar will be recorded. To receive a recording please sign up for Marianne’s emails on her website. Recording will be sent out later in the week. 

The webinar is free, but if you are able to donate to Spiritual Birth’s cause then a contribution of between £5 and £25 would be appreciated.

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