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Damanhur Birth Summit 2010 – Part 2

The Hall of Water at DamanhurThe Summit was organized by the PerLa Donna Association (Farfalla Vitalba), with the assistance of the Association Sal-u-te (Orango Riso), in collaboration with the Federation of Damanhur, Italian Obstetrics Association for International Cultural Relations (AIORCE), and the National Coordination for Associations and Communities of Ethical Inner and Spiritual Research (CONACREIS Italy)

During the past forty years, many people, associations and professionals have promoted an awareness about the importance of childbirth. Now, the time has come to integrate the richness of these diverse experiences through an International Coordinating Commission. This Commission was initiated and defined at the Summit on Birth, with the contributions of participants. Speakers and presenters came from diverse backgrounds and professions. Below I share one of the presenters thoughts.

Dr Giancarlo Fiorucci gave a detailed scientific presentation explaining how the pregnant woman’s state of being affects the embryo and growing baby within her. He said we cannot separate the different body systems and studies what he called ‘PNEI’ or Psycho-Neuro-Endocrinological-Immunology. The body needs to exist in a state of equilibrium and when it experiences disequilibrium, we experience illness and malaise, including  high levels of stress and depression.

A prolonged state of disequilibrium affects the neuro endocrine and hormonal systems in the pregnant mother. Hormones and neurochemicals then cross the trans-placental barrier, and have an impact on the unborn baby’s developing systems, particularly the stress hormone cortisol. Prolonged levels of cortisol in the bloodstream weakens the immune system, may lead to brain cell damage and may affect the axis of hormonal function in the baby, leading to lifelong symptoms and conditions. What this means in layman’s terms, is that  when we care for women before and during pregnancy, we care for the future of a baby’s life. The implications for the future of humanity and our responsibility towards mothers and their unborn children is immense.

The Temples of Damanhur, which we visited during the Birth Summit are symbolic of the beauty of a woman who carries the Wisdom of the Ages within her body and has the ability to create ‘New Life’ within her womb and create a better future for humankind. As Wallaby Pulsatilla said at the Birth Summit, “Non-violent pregnancy and birth can change the destiny of humanity, bring about a revolution for peace and enhance the journey towards light and life on earth.”

I have included a link to the site of the Temples of Damanhur Photographs.

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