Birth in South Africa

What are we Feeding our Unborn Babies?

While the common reasons for diabetes such as poor eating habits or genetic predisposition increases the risk of diabetes during pregnancy, the changes in our farming methods may well tip us over the edge in terms of our health and the health of our unborn babies. This is a public health issue for pregnant women and we need to be informed. We cannot grow healthy babies if we are eating unhealthy food.

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Bowlby and Beyond: How Emotions Shape Your Baby’s Brain

Introduction Bowlby’s landmark¬†hypothesis that attachment to a loving caregiver is the core element in optimal development from infancy to adulthood, was a great step in our understanding of babies and children. The questions he raised about the importance of relationships for the growth of a baby’s brain preceded ¬†advances in neurobiological research over the last …

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How Brain Behaviour Works from Conception to Adulthood – Part 1

Caleb, Asher and Justin

The forces and feelings driving our behaviour are located largely in three different brain systems or three levels of consciousness, namely: the brainstem or 1st level of consciousness, the limbic system or the 2nd level of consciousness and the cortex or 3rd level of consciousness. The brain is also divided into two hemispheres which serve different functions.

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