Pregnancy and Birth Information

Protecting the Perineum

the major task of perineal tissue is to stretch during childbirth and allow the baby’s head to slip through the soft tissues without harm to the mother or baby. The perineal cells are designed to stretch more than any other cell in the body and once the task is complete, to resume their previous shape. The perineal tissue is also the most regenerative tissue in the body

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Birth in South Africa

Birth in South Africa: Indigenous Traditions

Bernadette on Table Mountain

I promised a few months ago to post more on indigenous traditions in South Africa. Well here comes a snippet. It’s a pity western women are so afraid of birth. We hardly believe birth is normal any more and are SO afraid of the pain or anykind of discomfort. We have devised all sorts of gadgets to help us manage our babies, so as to free ourselves from what we perceive as the burden of giving birth and taking care of them.

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